Get 5 organic soaps for the price of 4 with code: 5thbarfree
Get 5 organic soaps for the price of 4 with code: 5thbarfree

The Heavenly Collection

The blissful scent of these body washes & butters will send you to paradise!

Organic & Natural Soap Bars

Get 5 Soap Bars For the Price of 4 with Code: 5thBarFree!

Limit: One per order

Bath Bombs

Luxury, soothing and scented bath bombs to treat yourself!

Hand & Body Sugar Scrub

Natural ingredients to nourish your natural skin!


Create your own scent with essential oils, fragrances, & flavors!

Natural Body Butter & Moisturizing Cream

Choose from our standard body butter & moisturizing cream flavors!

Custom Skin Care Gift Boxes

Give the gift of glowing, healthy skin using our raw, organic ingredients!

Silky Foaming Hand Soaps

Your hands have never felt so soft and fully cared for, and most important--clean!

Organic Lip Balms

Lips need love to keep them soft and moisturized. All organic ingredients!

Men's Collection

What's the Ooh La La Experience?



This product is consistently a go to, daily item for my dry skin. My skin is also sensitive and I've never had any issues with this product. This particular 2 oz size fits perfectly in my travel kit, so I can take Ooh la la with me and maintain moist, healthy skin! 

Sarah D.

I was searching on Google and l saw this store, l thank my stars** for that because this store has everything l need for my skin. My skin feels and smooth and my confident level is always over the moon.

Evelyn Watson

I had this product for almost a month and my skin is already feeling smoother. I would definitely recommend the body butter. I love It and definitely will be back for more!!

Bria C.